Hong Kong police fire tear gas, rubber bullets into metro station

Hong Kong protesters and the police continue to clash over a controversial bill.


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HONG KONG — Activists in Hong Kong continued to protest the Hong Kong government for the tenth weekend in a row.

The protests are against an extradition bill that would allow suspects to be extradited for trial to mainland China. Those against the bill believe that Beijing may use it as a way to extradite political activists, dissidents and other critics in the city.

The Hong Kong government has suspended the bill, but protesters are calling for the government to withdraw it altogether.

On Sunday, protesters were taking part in a peaceful rally in Hong Kong's Victoria Park when they defied police orders and starting marching along Cheung Sha Wan Road, a major thoroughfare in the city.

Activists used the flash-mob strategy to appear in different parts of the city and threw two petrol bombs at police, injuring one officer, Reuters reports.

As the protesters made their way to a metro station in Kwai Chung, an urban area in Hong Kong, police attempted to disperse the crowd by firing tear gas and rubber bullets, according to Hong Kong Free Press. Other police officers were filmed chasing people and using batons to hit them while on the metro escalator, reports the BBC.

Peaceful protests have been taking place at Hong Kong's International Airport since August 9 as an attempt to seek international support for Hong Kong's ongoing protests.

Activists have called for Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam to resign. They are also pushing for an independent investigation into alleged police brutality.
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