Heroin found in LeBron James sneakers gets two Taiwanese doofuses busted

The new, limited edition LBJ sneakers sure are roomy. Two enterprising fellas from Taiwan put them to not-so-good use.


NSFW    Two Taiwanese men lost recently lost their jobs and their freedom. The duo, a man surnamed Wu, 34-years-old, and his companion, surnamed Lu, 21, were in serious need of some quick cash.

So instead of getting a job at McDonalds, they decided to take on something more challenging: smuggling heroin.

The two got real creative about it too, deciding to hide their illegal cargo in the newest LeBron James sneakers.

The two replaced innersoles of their shoes with heroin, and wore the shoes as they boarded the plane on Aug 31.

Lu and Wu were paid US$3,000 each to smuggle US$300,000 worth of heroin to Taiwan.

The two were searched and caught as soon as they landed.
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