Here's how fake guns got 2 teens into real trouble after their homecoming

Both teens play with pellet guns as a sport in their free time, so how did an innocent picture of them posted to Facebook get them in trouble in school a few days later?


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These two high school teens got in trouble for a homecoming “couples” photo they took with a pair of non-lethal Airsoft weapons.

Tito Velez and Jamie Pereira, both 15, were dressed to the nines for their homecoming and wanted a photo to commemorate their day. Apparently, the photo was “liked” by several of their classmates and somehow made its way to their school’s administrator a few days later.

Bristol Plymouth School district officials hit the panic button and made a big deal out of the situation. Principal Carolyn Pearson along and school district Superintendent Richard Gross along with police yanked the couple out of class and proceeded to search and question the pair before suspending them indefinitely.

Both Velez and Pereira say they got the Airsoft guns for sport and have fun playing with them in a safe, supervised environment. They simply thought it would be cooler to pose with their toys rather than with flowers like everyone else.

Superintendent Gross says he has a duty to protect the school. The caption under the picture read “Homecoming 2014” and could’ve insinuated that they were going to do something violent.

Prudent reaction or overreaction? You decide.
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