Guy gets crazy sausage lip after basketball pick up game in Taiwan

The 20-year-old college student got the parting gift after playing with some friends.


NSFW    What the Foul?

KAOHSIUNG, TAIWAN — If you play basketball long enough, you've probably injured nearly every part of your body—at least a few times.

According to Apple Daily, a 20-year-old guy in college playing some pickup with his friends down in Kaohsiung ended up with an upper lip close to the size of a basketball.
Apple Daily reported that the man was running pickup when he took an inadvertent elbow to the face.
Like a true baller, he just shook it off and kept on playing.
He then went home and went to bed without icing it.
In the morning when he woke up, his upper lip had swollen to the size of a Taiwanese sausage and was looking A TAD on the bruised side.
He got himself to the hospital where doctors had a look and found that he had suffered a hematoma where several of the smaller blood vessels in his upper lip were damaged.

With a quick visit to the OR, physicians were able to relieve the swelling.
Dude's lip is now back to its regular size and seems to be no worse for wear.

He'll no doubt be back out on the courts in no time.
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