Google X research facility and its secret projects


NSFW    A New York Times article reports that Google is researching new, highly-innovative technologies in a secret facility dubbed "Google X." Its exact location is unknown, as sources say the work done by Google X is as guarded as the international espionage work performed by the CIA.

Among the projects rumored to be in development is a so-called "space elevator," which could ferry people and equipment between the Earth and outer space without the use of rockets. More grounded ideas include wiring household appliances like light bulbs and coffee pots to the Internet so they can be controlled remotely. Google is even said to be preparing its driverless car technology, which the company began testing on California roads last year, for a broad consumer push.

There is also a large emphasis on artificial intelligence and robot technology that goes far beyond just "Android." Google has reportedly enlisted the help of some of the world's brightest minds from top companies like Microsoft and Nokia and educational institutions like Carnegie Mellon and MIT. Sebastian Thrun, Andrew Ng and Johnny Chung Lee are all said to be working on high-concept initiatives.

Despite the press, the very existence of Google X has not been acknowledged by the company's top brass, Sergery Brin and Larry Page. Sources at Google who spoke to The Times about the project did so under condition of anonymity.
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