Google's philandering exec Eric Schmidt cares about his privacy, not yours


NSFW    Google exec Eric Schmidt is a love machine at age 58, which is quite an achievement considering how dorky he looked during what should have been his sexual prime three decades ago. For all you dudes who have trouble with the ladies, Schmidt is living proof that there’s still hope. If he can do it, you can too!

The executive chairman of the Mountain View, California-based tech giant is married but in an “open relationship” with his wife. His mistresses have included Kate Bohner, a "stunning” TV presenter who called him Dr Strangelove, Marcy Simon, a ‘leggy’ blonde PR exec and, Chau-Giang Nguyen, a “sultry” concert pianist. His serial philandering is not secret, having been covered over the years by everyone from Gawker to the New York Times to the New York Post to Gawker to the Daily Mail.

Schmidt’s love life would not be newsworthy if it weren’t for the fact that he weren’t so strongly protective of it, having made at least one former mistress sign a confidentiality agreement. While runs a company that does the exact opposite to the private lives of ordinary people who can’t afford expensive lawyers and confidentiality agreements like he can.
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