Google's New Underwater Cable to Link U.S. and Europe

Proposed underwater cable will link New York City to the city of Bude in Cornwall and the city of Bilbao in Spain, according to Alphabet Inc.


NSFW    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA — Google plans to build a new underwater cable to connect the U.S., Britain and Spain. Writing in a news release, Alphabet Inc. states that the data cable will link New York City to the city of Bude in Cornwall and the city of Bilbao in Spain.

According to Alphabet, the Grace Hopper cable's 16 pairs of fiber wires is a significant upgrade to the internet connection between the U.S. and Europe. The cable design also includes novel technology that guards against internet outages.

BBC News reports that tech firms are competing to build underwater cables, essential infrastructure that transmit up to 98 percent of the entire world's data.

An analyst from the International Data Corporation was cited as saying Google will always need more bandwidth and having direct cable links between its data centers will be an important competitive advantage.

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