Gonorrhea (the clap): STD develops drug-resistant strain


NSFW    Gonorrhea is burning its way back into the spotlight. The World Health Organization has warned of a new drug-resistant strain of the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea that is spreading rapidly around the globe.

WHO experts say the spread of the STD has been aided by the over-prescription of antibiotics and the bacteria's amazing ability to mutate and stay alive.

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation, infertility, complications in pregnancy and maternal death in extreme cases. There are 106 million new infections each year.

Bar cephalosporin antibiotics, the list of antibiotics used to treat gonorrhea is almost exhausted, and health experts fear gonorrhea is now close to becoming a superbug.

Resistance to the drugs has been reported in developed nations around the globe including Japan, Britain, Australia, France, Sweden and Norway.

Doctors said the best way to combat gonorrhea was through better sex education, adding that condoms were the most effective means of protection.
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