Genius gunman gets hung up after failing to kill ex's new man

It's safe to say not everything went according to plan.


NSFW    Gun Crazy

GENERAL PINEDO, ARGENTINA — An Argentinian man is sadly no longer among the living after he accidentally blasted himself climbing over a fence after failing to off his ex-girlfriend's new boy toy.

According to local Argentinian media, Anibal Fernandez decided to pop over to his ex Carina Carabajal's place. For a present he decided he would pack some heat in the form of a .22-caliber rifle.

Fernandez busted into the house and got into a heated argument with Carabajal's new man Daniel Campos.

That's when Fernandez went all John Wick — minus the headshots and death — and popped Campos four times in the arms and chest.
Fernandez was all good until he met the fence outside Carabajal's house. Let's just say after failing to climb the fence, Fernandez failed at living.
Mr. Campos survived and was transported to the hospital were he is recovering. The Las Brenas police force are now investigating the case.
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