Gay penguins Buddy and Pedro to be separated by Toronto Zoo


NSFW    These gay penguins won't have happy feet.

Gay behavior is not uncommon in penguins, so it's not big news that Buddy and Pedro, two African jackass penguins at the Toronto Zoo, are a couple.

But Buddy and Pedro possess exceptional genes, and since African jackass penguins are endangered, zookeepers plan to break them up so they will mate with female penguins for the good of their species.

Buddy, 20, and Pedro, 10, started dating before they moved from the Toledo Zoo to Toronto earlier this year.

In 2004, male penguins Roy and Silo became famous for their same-sex relationship and raised a chick together at New York's Central Park Zoo. Silo later ran off with a female. Z and Vielpunkt, two male Humboldt penguins at a German zoo, also became famous for their same-sex relationship. They adopted a chick in 2009.
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