Gas guzzling addict Brian Taylor arrested again for drinking from gas pumps


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A man addicted to drinking gasoline has been arrested after violating a court order prohibiting him from all gas stations. Brian Taylor was arrested after he was caught consuming gasoline from a gas station near his house.

Taylor ended up before a judge on New Year’s Eve for ignoring the court order and was warned that he faces jail time if he drinks gasoline from a gas station one more time. Taylor was caught after he violated the order twice in one day over the holiday season.

Apparently Taylor enjoys sniffing or drinking gasoline, after which he has his own little dance he likes to perform while high on the petrol fumes.

Taylor first made the news back in 2005 when he was caught stealing gasoline from the same gas station 51 times. He attended rehab to try and kick his unique habit, but he smelled so strongly of gasoline that he was considered a fire hazard so he was kicked out of the program.

Court officials were told that Taylor was arrested after he went to two different gas stations in Redcar and Cleveland. Taylor admitted to going to the two stations.

Prosecutor Guy Prest said Taylor had a history of “attacking petrol pumps, obtaining petrol and consuming it.” Taylor was seen by the staff at Morrisons on December 30 walking up to the pumps to obtain gasoline.

On the same day he was went to Tesco gas station nearby where police were called and he was taken into custody.
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