Gamers are raging mad over Black Ops 4 season pass

From what we can tell, those who own the regular version will not be able to play with season pass holders on all content.


NSFW    SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA — The season pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will only be available with editions of the game costing $100 or more.

The regular game will cost around 60 bucks, but in order to get access to the season pass gamers will need to shell out much more.

Activision says it will be available separately but when and at what price is not known.

According to Activision, the only way to get it at launch will be to buy one of three editions priced higher than the standard edition. Those are the Digital Deluxe version for around $100, Digital Deluxe Enhanced at $129.99 and the Pro Edition for $120.

A season pass is something players can buy that typically provides players access to content beyond the original game. They're usually sold in a bundle or separately.
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