Former Oklahoma football player jailed for pimping out cheerleader

Investigators found out Moore had rented the hotel room for his girlfriend to provide her services to a gentleman caller who turned out to be an undercover cop.


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OKLAHOMA CITY — A former Oklahoma University football player and his girlfriend are facing charges for their shady dealings in the world’s oldest profession.

Lawrence “LJ” Moore, once a defensive back for the Sooners in 2013, now finds himself behind bars after his girlfriend was busted for selling herself, a deal set up by him. On March 30, Micah Madison Parker, 23, a former cheerleader at OU, arrived at a hotel in Oklahoma City to meet a jon. She was to receive $200 for her services, but little did she know the gentleman caller who’d responded to her website ad was actually an undercover cop.

When she realized the jig was up, Parker frantically tried to dump her cell phones in the toilet to prevent any connection to her beau. Police arrested her, and then arrested LJ Moore when he swung by the hotel later to retrieve Parker’s car. From recorded phone conversations, investigators found out Moore had rented the room.

Parker is the daughter of Barbie Parker, head coach of the university’s cheerleading squad. Parker faces charges of offering to engage in the world’s oldest profession, while Moore has been charged with aiding and abetting said profession, as well as several substance-related charges.
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