For drugging and raping 16 women, this socialite is going to prison for 30 years

The privileged son of a leading Taiwanese business figure is about to spend the next three decades in the slammer for using drugs to rape more than a dozen women.


NSFW    A man named Justin Lee is on his way to prison after being found guilty of drugging women and forcing himself on them for in a string of rapes over the past four years.

Lee grew up in a wealthy family; his father was the CEO of a well known bank in Taiwan. He doesn’t need to work, spends his nights partying with models, and lives in a luxury condo in the city’s most upscale area.

It began back in 2010. Lee had been picking up drunk women from clubs, some were even drugged by Lee himself.

After he took the girls back to his apartment, he would turn on his camera and film himself sexually assaulting the women. Many of his victims included models and small-time celebrities.

The court ruled that Lee had sexually assaulted 14 women, and illegally videoed 20.

He was given the maximum sentence of 30 years in prison, where he will have plenty of time to share his stories with his new friends.
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