Fired alcoholic employee stabs boss and runs him over with his van

Security camera footage shows the insane moment the ex-employee lunges at his old boss with a knife, trying to stab him, as well as repeated attempts to run him over with his pickup truck.


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HIALEAH, FLORIDA — An alcoholic employee tried to murder his boss after being fired for being intoxicated on the job, but failed at attempts to both stab him and run him over with his truck.

An employee at an air conditioning repair firm, Reyes Osorio was fired by his supervisor, Reynaldo Mendez, for showing up to work drunk. Osorio didn’t take the firing well, and demanded he be paid for two days of work he was owed. Through a barrage of texts, Osorio threatened to use a gun, machete, or knife to kill Mendez if he refused.

The two men agreed to meet up at a cafeteria to settle their dispute, but when Mendez arrived in the parking lot, Osorio jumped out of his pickup truck brandishing a knife. Security camera footage shows the insane moment Osorio lunged at his old boss with the knife, trying to stab him. He managed to stab Mendez in the chest and left arm, before Mendez used a rock to knock the knife out of Osorio’s hand.

The two men then got into their vehicles, with Osorio repeatedly crashing into Mendez’s work van. Osorio eventually drove away, and Mendez walked out of his van. He apparently had no idea Osorio had somehow snuck back into the lot, until the black pickup truck came charging at him, almost running him over.

Osorio attempted to hit him with the truck not once, but twice, ramming Mendez against the fence. Luckily, the fence allowed him to bounce back rather than be crushed, and Mendez miraculously survived the relentless attack.

After Osorio finally left, Mendez drove himself to the hospital, and did not report the scuffle to police. Authorities only caught wind of the crime when the owner of the fence filed a property damage report.

On Feb. 28, Osorio, 52, was arrested on charges of attempted first-degree murder.
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