Fire dancing accident at South African surfing party


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Cape Town, South Africa, is known for surfers and the great white sharks that eat them. But the danger to this group of Saffa surfers was completely terrestrial, and preventable, in nature.

A festive occasion was nearly ruined when two fire dancers broke out their sticks and began a’spinnin.

For two minutes, it seemed that nobody at the gathering had the heart to tell the pair that fire dancing isn’t cool, but then intervention became unnecessary when one of the dancers set his own face on fire.

He filled his mouth with paraffin and was going to blow a totally awesome fireball that would impress everybody. The crowd waited patiently for him to finish, when they realized something was wrong, and the dancer’s face was actually on fire, which did sort of impress them a little bit.

Like a real pro, his partner saw his friend was in trouble, freaked out, and dropped his own fire sticks onto the parched grass that the whole freaking party was standing on, ready to go up like some pyjamas in a toaster oven.

Finally, putting aside any pretense at being entertained, the crowd intervened to put out the grass fire and extinguish the dancer’s face with somebody’s jacket which is completely ruined now, thanks for asking.

The burned man requested that his name not be revealed in the media, because it might affect his future career as a fire dancer.

A career which might include showing up to a kid’s birthday party to fire dance with 3rd degree burns on his face, kind of like a “Scared-Straight” program for budding pyromaniacs.
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