FIFA likely to use Video Assistant Referees in 2018 World Cup

Video assistant referees look at four areas of calls made by the referee and serious incidents they missed. These are direct red card offences, penalties, goals and cases of mistaken identity.


NSFW    RUSSIA — FIFA are likely to use video assistant referees (VAR) during this summer's World Cup, according to Reuters.

The technology allows soccer referees and their assistants to review game footage while a match is being played. According to Reuters, it has gained notoriety in Italy's Serie A league where it has caused in-games delays over decisions involving disallowed goals and revoked penalties.

"The facts are that from almost 1,000 matches which were tested, the accuracy rate of the referees went up from 93 percent to 99 percent," FIFA President Gianni Infantino told Reuters earlier this week. "If we, or I, can do something to make sure that the World Cup is not decided by a referee's mistakes, then I think it's our duty to do it."

UEFA boss Aleksander Ceferin said VAR wouldn't feature in the Champions League next season, explaining the technology needed more time to be learned by fans and referees.
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