Famous Beijing hotel uses guest room towels to remove toilet stains


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A Beijing Mehood Hotels has recently been exposed to use towels for hotel guests as toilet wipes.

A local reporter went undercover as a housekeeper at this hotel located at Bai Zi Wan Road in Chaoyang District, only to witness other housekeepers use the towels from hotel rooms to clean the bathroom, removing urine and feces stains out of toilet bowls and then wipe the bathroom floor with the same towels. What’s shocking (and disgusting) was that the housekeepers continued to use the same dirty towels to wipe both the cups in the bathroom and the drinking cups within the room.

An industry insider points out that this is quite common in hotels as a result of lax management and the desire to save money when the hotel management aims to use the least manpower and cleaning rags to clean the most hotel rooms.

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