Factory worker scalped after hair gets caught in a machine

Her hair got sucked into a machine’s rollers, which tore her scalp off completely.


NSFW    Defying Death

JINHUA CITY, CHINA — A factory worker’s scalp was ripped completely from her head after her hair got caught in a machine — but she miraculously survived the horrific injury.

Yang, a plastic factory worker from Jinhua City in China’s Zhejiang Province, said she bent down to pick something off the floor, when her hair got caught in a machine’s rollers, which rippe her scalp off completely. Surprisingly, Yang managed to remain conscious and rushed to her co-worker for help.

Doctors at Zhejiang University International Hospital spent eights hours sewing Yang’s scalp back on. It was torn from below her eyebrows, and included both her ears, and the lower part of her neck behind her head. Yang has since been transferred to another hospital’s intensive care unit.
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