Evergreen State College shut down by threat to campus

The school in Olympia, Washington has been the scene of racially charged protests against biology professor Bret Weinstein after he objected to a day of racial segregation on campus.


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OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON — The campus of one of the most left-wing colleges in America was evacuated after an unspecified threat was made against the school on Thursday.

Evergreen State College said it did not know who made the threat, and it was unclear if it was related to recent racially charged protests against biology professor Bret Weinstein, ABC affiliate KOMO News reported.

Despite his progressive leanings, professor Weinstein has been the target of a witch hunt by whackjob regressive students and school officials.

The protesting students have labeled Weinstein a racist for daring to challenge a day of racial segregation on campus.

In return for exercising his right to free speech, Weinstein was last week accosted by a mob of 50 students, who said he was racist, according to an op-ed piece by Bari Weiss in the New York Times.

Instead of giving Weinstein his backing, college president George Bridges praised the student protesters, saying they were courageous.

Bridges ordered campus police to stand down. The police then told Weinstein they could no longer guarantee his safety on campus.

The FBI is investigating the threat made to the campus.
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