Egyptian army ousts democratically elected Mursi, constitution suspended


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Egypt’s Islamist president Mohammed Mursi has been removed from power in a military overthrow that has suspended the constitution of the fledgling middle east democracy.
Lieutenant General Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi issued a 48-hour ultimatum for Mursi to share power or lose it amidst anti-Mursi demonstrations sweeping the country.

The military arrested Mursi and were holding him at an unspecified location while senior aides were arrested and more than 300 arrest warrants for inciting unrest were issued for other senior officials in Mursi’s government.

Protesters had shown increasing displeasure with what liberals and secularists saw as Mursi’s attempts to entrench Islam into the laws of Egypt, most notably in its constitution.

Protestors and the Tamarud - or rebel - movement began calling for Mursi’s resignation weeks ago.

Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood loyalists have scorned the move as a military coup.

This video explains the political mechanics behind the government overthrow and the current balance of power in the interim government.
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