Dog survives plunge from building roof in New York

The French bulldog landed through the sunroof of a parked car.


NSFW    Defying Death

NEW YORK — A French bulldog miraculously survived a plunge off a six-story building in Manhattan on August 2.

On a Reddit post, the bulldog's owner, Emma Heinrich, explained that she had just finished walking her dog, Winston, when he suddenly dashed up a flight of stairs in their apartment building after she removed his leash. Winston managed to get through the roof's access door and towards the edge of the roof.

Emma chased him up the roof only to see her beloved dog fall off the top of the building.

Winston crashed through the sunroof of a parked car and landed in the front seat, according to an Instagram post by Emma.

She immediately rushed downstairs and found that her French bulldog had survived! She pulled him out of the car and rushed him to the vet. Winston bruised his lungs and had to stay in an oxygen chamber for 36 hours. Remarkably, he didn't break a single bone.

Emma told CNN that Winston is home already and is starting to return to his playful self.
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