Diver survives accidental spear gun shot to the head

The diver accidentally shot a spear gun bolt right through his head.


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SCOTTBURGH, SOUTH AFRICA — A scuba diver is amazingly still around after he had a bit of an accident involving a spear gun bolt and his dome.
According to the South Coast Herald, South African pastor Connie Hallowell was in the water collecting fishing sinkers near Scottburgh Beach on August 31.
Hallowell brought his spear gun and put it down on the ocean floor next to him.

Talking to East Coast Radio, the 48-year-old said a big wave came and surprised him and it knocked the gun against some reef causing the two-meter long spear to discharge into his face.
As far as lucky shots go, this was definitely one in a million, as the spear somehow managed to miss Hallowell's eyes and brain.
He was able to crawl back onto the beach where locals brought an angle grinder to help shorten the spear.
Hallowell was first airlifted to one hospital before being transferred to another hospital in Pietermaritzburg where the bolt was finally removed.
The guy must secretly be Iron Man because he's already out of the hospital giving interviews.

He told the Sunday Tribune that he has no plans to quit spearfishing and is already planning his next trip.
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