Deputy slams woman into ground after she refuses sobriety test

Erie County Deputy Lee Richard is being sued for slamming a Lockport, New York woman to the ground on the morning of Christmas 2012.


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ERIE COUNTY, NEW YORK — A New York deputy "face-planted" a woman to the ground in 2012 and left her bloody and bruised during a Christmas 2012 DUI stop.

Now that same woman is suing the cops for her treatment that day.

According to the Buffalo News, Lockport woman Bobbie Mael, then 57, was feeling sick and driving, so she pulled over and parked. Erie County Deputy Lee Richard saw her and thought she was intoxicated.

He asked her to exit her vehicle for a sobriety test, but she refused and wouldn't open the door. Next, Richard pulled her from the vehicle and slammed her face first to the ground.

An image of her injuries hours after their encounter shows her bloody and bruised face.

Mael was eventually sentenced to 120 days in jail and was found guilty of DWI, among other things. Her case is set to appear before a New York State Supreme Court in September.
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