Deputy pulls car over for speeding, ends up delivering a baby

Turns out the car was speeding because the driver's wife was having her baby.


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NAPLES, FLORIDA — It's not everyday a traffic stop leaves you with a smile on your face, but this one from Florida most likely will.
According to AP, officials say a Florida deputy who pulled a couple over for speeding ended up delivering a baby instead of writing a ticket.
The Collier County Sheriff's posted the traffic cam footage on its Facebook Page where Deputy Robert Pounds helped deliver a baby girl Tuesday morning on the side of the road.
The AP reported that Pounds spotted a car going 63 mph in a 45 mph zone and pulled the car over.
Deputy Pounds approached the vehicle, and the driver told him his wife was in labor.
Pounds then sprung into action, called an ambulance and popped over to the passenger side after grabbing a blanket from his patrol car.
The ambulance showed up minutes after Pounds delivered the baby, and rescue workers cut the umbilical cord.
The mother and her new daughter looked to be in good health and were transported to the hospital.
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