Dentists drill man's phallus free after he gets it stuck in a wrench

After trapping his penis inside a wrench for 17 hours, the 37-year-old man’s penis became purple and swollen.


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LINHAI, CHINA — A man from China’s Zhejiang province showed up at a hospital last week with a most peculiar problem — his penis was trapped in a wrench.

According to China’s Sina News, initial efforts by doctors and firefighters failed to release him, but then two dentists stepped in with a drill.

For unknown reasons, the 37 year-old’s penis was stuck for over 15 hours. He eventually sought medical help after it became purple and swollen.

In order to free the man’s tool from the tool, doctors at a Linhai city hospital needed to stop the blood flow to his penis. To do this, doctors required permission from the man’s family. Despite saying they would show, his parents never turned up to signature their consent.

Doctors next asked firefighters for help, but as it turned out, the heat generated by their angle grinder could hurt the patient’s phallus. Then, the doctors asked some dentists for help because one of them had heard during a lecture of how a similar case was resolved with the help of dentistry professionals.

Two dentists soon got to work on the man’s shaft with a dental drill that spins at between 200,000 and 300,000 times per minutes. Heat from that could also hurt, but the drill uses water to keep itself cool, meaning the man’s member remained scorch-free.

After drilling the tool for 30 minutes, they cut through the wrench and were able to release the trapped phallus.
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