David Schwimmer look-alike wanted for stealing beer

UK police are on the hunt for a David Schwimmer doppelganger who was spotted stealing beer in Blackpool.


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NEW YORK CITY — Cops in the UK are on the hunt for a thief that's the spitting image of David Schwimmer, aka Ross from "Friends."

The BBC reports that Blackpool Police were trying to identify a man suspected of stealing at a restaurant and put out a CCTV still of him clutching a crate of beer on Facebook to ask for help.

Amused netizens immediately pointed out the man's uncanny resemblance to Ross Geller, and soon turned the post into a 'Friends' fanfest.

As the Ross quotes and theories piled in, even the Scottish guys in blue chimed in with a warning to stay away from the dude, who's believed to have mastered the art of Unagi, the state of total awareness.

Blackpool Police also responded by saying they confirmed David Schwimmer was in America on the day of the theft.

Still, the actor himself took to social media on Wednesday to prove his innocence, hilariously posting a video alibi showing him with a crate of beer in New York.
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