Dashcam footage shows police chase a 'dinosaur' down the road

Police in Plymouth, Devon were left with splinters in their sides when they observed a reveller dressed as a dinosaur run down the road.


NSFW    PLYMOUTH, U.K. — Police in Plymouth, Devon burst into hysterics when they witnessed a Saturday night merrymaker running down the street dressed as an 8-foot-tall T-Rex.

According to the Plymouth Herald, the officers came across the "dinosaur" near Royal William Yard where they began their pursuit.

A bemused onlooker is seen gawping at the T-Rex as it stomps passed her.

The Walking with Dinosaurs-worthy dashcam footage ends with the prehistoric reveller knackered and out of breath.

Charles Cross Police took to Twitter to share the spectacle and asked for everyone's best "Why did the dinosaur cross the road?" So please, leave your best joke in the comments section and we will pin the best one!
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