Daniel Suelo: Modern-Day caveman 'quits money'


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Daniel Suelo is making waves with his decision to give up money 12 years ago. His personal journey has made a resurgence with the recently published book, "The Man Who Quit Money," written by close friend and supporter Mark Sundeen.

After leaving his last $30 in a phone booth and walking away Suelo hasn't looked back. He camps in the outdoors and lives and caves and communes. For several years Suelo lived in the Utah mountains, occasionally playing host to hikers and occasionally spending nights in strangers homes.

He bathed in creeks and lived off seeds and roadkill, Suelo documented his life on a blog called, "Moneyless World - Free World." Okay, now that you know everything about Daniel Suelo, is this not an absolutely absurd story? STOP THE PRESSES: A man who doesn't have any money and is living off the "generosity" of others?! Whoa this has never happened...except for the nearly 700,000 homeless people in the U.S.

To top it off, he has a blog! If you want an exciting story on a blogger not making any money go into any coffee shop in NYC and you'll find your lead. Suelo is currently on a book tour with Sundeen -- how luxurious.
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