Dallas prosecutor fired over drunken Uber meltdown

An assistant district attorney in Dallas has lost her job after drunkenly lashing out at an Uber driver.


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DALLAS — A foul-mouthed prosecutor has been sacked from the Dallas District Attorney's Office after a recording of her lashing out at an Uber driver went public.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Jody Warner hopped into an Uber outside the Capitol Pub in east Dallas Friday night.

The driver, Shaun Platt, was following a route on the GPS when Warner insisted that he take a different road. But when Platt complied and asked which way to go next, Warner got angry and lashed out. She declared she was an assistant DA and refused to leave the car, prompting Platt to call the cops and start recording her meltdown.

In the recording, Warner can be heard calling the driver names and explicitly says she hopes the cops come soon so they can f*ck him up. She also accuses him of kidnapping her, despite the driver repeatedly asking her to get out of his car.

It wasn't until an officer showed up that Warner finally exited the vehicle — though not before stating, again, that she was a prosecutor. Despite feeling intimidated, Platt declined to press charges and drove away.

Instead, he sent the recording to the media, and boy, did karma come swiftly. By Monday, Warner was assistant DA no more.

On Tuesday, the now-sober 32-year-old gave a half-assed public 'apology', turning on the waterworks and throwing Platt under the bus by insinuating he might have been up to no good. Word of advice, lady: say sorry and mean it, or just shut up.
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