Cyanide and sadness: Man commits suicide in court after guilty verdict


NSFW    Death by cyanide poisoning: A Missouri man guilty of the sexual assault killed himself, apparently with cyanide pills, right right in front of a shocked courtroom. The public suicide happened moments after Steve Parsons, 48, heard the judge’s sentence: seven years behind bars for the statutory sodomy of a 14-year-old girl.

Authorities believe Parsons had the deadly poison in his mouth when he entered the room. As the judge polled the jury after their verdict, Parsons approached County Sheriff Darren White and took a sip of water. Two minutes later, Parsons had a seizure and stopped breathing. En route to hospital he entered cardiac arrest and died. A subsequent search of his car turned up a note with the name and number of a chemical company. An investigation found that Parsons had bought 100 grams of cyanide online on June 25.

In a disturbing parallel, an identical courtroom suicide took place in July 2012 when Wall Street trader Michael Marin was convicted of insurance fraud.

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