Cruise ship saves men who were adrift at sea for 20 long days

The Royal Caribbean ship literally spotted the men by accident.


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WATERWORLD — Two Costa Rican fishermen who spent nearly three weeks adrift at sea were rescued by a cruise ship last week.
According to CNN, the two mariners originally set off from Costa Rica, but as they were sleeping one night, their boat drifted away from their fishing gear because of bad weather.
They ran out of fuel trying to get back. Unfortunately, they only had enough food and water for seven days.

Luckily for the two fishermen, Royal Caribbean's Empress of the Seas cruise ship had been rerouted because of inclement weather.
Due to "pure luck" the cruise ship spotted a signal light at 7 p.m. last Friday night. The ship contacted rescue centers in Grand Cayman and Jamaica, but they were unable to help.
Around 10 p.m, the ship lowered a smaller boat known as a tender to rescue the two fishermen.
They were given water and medical attention as soon as they were on board the ship.
The two were dropped off at Ocho Rios in Jamaica for further medical attention. The ship's crew gave them $300 to buy clothes and food as they left the hospital.
Rescued after 20 days lost at sea? Can't ask for a better Christmas present than that.
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