Creative cops stop snoozing Tesla driver on autopilot

Police arrested the man after they found him catching some shuteye while behind the wheel of his Tesla Model S.


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REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA — Police in Northern California busted a man for sleeping behind the wheel of his Tesla Model S while it was cruising down the highway on autopilot.
California Highway Patrol Officer Art Montiel told Business Insider that po po initially spotted the luxury electric sedan zipping southbound down Highway 101 around 3:40 a.m., last Friday night.
Cops became fishy after the driver failed to respond to lights and sirens. That's probably because 45-year-old driver Alexander Samek was out like a light.
The authorities were then forced to get creative by having a few patrol officers block traffic behind the Model S, while another officer drove ahead and got in front of the Tesla.
The officer in front then gradually slowed down, forcing the Tesla autopilot to kick in and slow down as well.

After the cops got the Model S to come to a complete stop, they had to get out and knock Samek's window to wake him up.
He was busted on suspicion of DUI and placed in a patrol car, while another officer drove his Tesla to a nearby gas station.
Thanks to the quick thinking California Highway Patrol no one was hurt in the incident.
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