Crazy mother dumps human waste in front of daughter's restaurant

A bat-crap crazy mom was caught on CCTV footage dumping poop and pee in front of her daughters restaurant. Why? -Cuz she misses her.


NSFW    Jane and her boyfriend owns a restaurant in Southern Taiwan.

And for the past 6 months, someone has been dumping human waste in front of her restaurant.

So, the couple decided to install a camera to sniff out the culprit.

And guess what!? Surprise, surprise….the dumper was Jane’s own mother!

This crazy woman had been abusing Jane since she was little. and allegedly gets angry every time Jane shacks up with a boyfriend.

Jane moved in together with her boyfriend after college in a bid to escape her psycho mom, but wack-job mommy then decided to harass Jane by phone, and even told the police Jane was a drug dealer!

When Jane confronted her mother about the incident, her mother said, “I just want you to come home to me.” --Not a good idea.

Jane and her boyfriend are said to be considering suing her mother, but they hope she first comes to her senses.
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