Craigslist date tries to eat man's heart in quest to be serial killer

Washington woman Amy Brown told cops that she was a “loon” who wanted to eat her victim’s heart before going on a murder spree.


NSFW    Defying Death

LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON — A man is lucky to be alive this week after his Craigslist date punctured his lung with a knife.

The unidentified victim told cops he met the woman, identified as Amy Brown, 24, through the listings site at the weekend, reported Washington news site

The two soon booked a room at a motel named the Rodeo Inn, where Brown apparently asked the guy if he was a serial killer several times, to which he replied no. She then mounted him and said “Well I am a serial killer,” then penetrated him in the chest with a pocket knife.

Brown’s weight held the victim down, but despite his punctured lung the man mustered enough strength to fight her off, reported a Tribune Media Wire report citing police.

The man called the cops from the hotel and they soon arrested her in the parking lot.

Brown later told the cops “I’m a loon” and said she wanted to eat the man’s heart before going on a murder spree. She’s yet to be charged, but on Tuesday a judge ordered for to be held on $1 million bail, reported
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