Cows rocking VR goggles in Russia to help with milk production

This is a real moo-ving story.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

MOSCOW — A dairy farm near Mos-COW has finally come up with a use for VR headsets—putting them on cows.
According to Interesting Engineering, RusMoloko dairy farm in Russia looks a bit on the futuristic side with dairy cows running—okay, maybe not running—walking around with fitted VR goggles.
The goggles have been specifically designed for dairy cows to see if technology can help trick the animals into relaxing in order to produce more milk.
So do the cows just watch MOOOO-vies all day? Sadly, no.

The headsets show a red-focused color scheme, which copies the shades of summer and is supposed to make the cow think it's standing in a field.
According to Moscow's agriculture ministry, designers created a unique VR summer field based on several studies showing cows are better at perceiving shades of red than blue or green.

Russian officials claim the initial testing of the VR goggles have gone well. Apparently the cows won't shut up about them.
A spokesperson for the agriculture ministry said, "during the first test, experts recorded a decrease in anxiety and an increase in the overall emotional mood of the herd."
Now we just need to see if this leads to more milk, either way, quite a MOOO-ving story.

In the meantime, expect Google and Facebook to think of ways to start showing these cows ultra annoying personalized ads.
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