Couple puts on outdoor sex show for police helicopter cam

A couple of UK cops are currently being slammed for using a police chopper cam to film their friends romping on their patio.


NSFW    What the Freak?

SHEFFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM — Five British cops are in very hot water after they were busted spying on the citizenry. But not all of them, just the naked ones!

With a chopper equipped with such high tech cameras, you'd think it would be used to suss out crimes. Instead, the gents in blue filmed some extremely high angle amateur porn after one cop got his buddies to stage sexy times on the patio.

On two other occasions, the fuzz recorded a pair of campers in the nude, and several sunbathers in their birthday suit.

The camera's powerful zoom was used to hone in on certain parts of a MILF who was tanning in her garden with her three daughters. She found out much later and was understandably pissed.

Main perv Adrian Pogmore was busted in 2015 and has already plead guilty to misconduct charges. But his cohorts, Matthew Lucas, 42, Lee Walls, 47, Matthew Loosemore, 45, and Malcolm Reeves, 64 claim they weren't in on it, and are now standing trial.
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