Couple filmed having sex on balcony, broadcast on national TV

Two passionate exhibitionists in Salamanca, Spain had so much love inside of them they couldn’t wait to take it inside.


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SALAMANCA, SPAIN — An unidentified couple in Spain is the talk of the country for a public love-making video that was broadcast on national TV.

The couple were filmed in flagrante delicto on the balcony of an apartment on Avenue Portugal in the northwestern city of Salamanca, and the video was picked up by the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Mirror.

The two exhibitionists apparently had so much love inside of them they could not wait long enough to take it inside. Someone caught the al fresco action on their cell phone.

One commenter said it was like the man in the video was singing a song that goes something like this: “It's hot, hot. I was waiting for you to sing my song and take that bottle ... and toast with it.” “!!!! Uuuhhh uy uyy uuuhh ... uuuhh uy uyy uuuhh !!!”

Another observed that balcony sex might become a trend.

The video went so viral it was broadcast on national TV networks Telecinco and Antena 3. The video is now going viral in Brazil as well.
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