Cops flip coin to decide whether to arrest or release speeding driver

The incident was released by a TV station and led to a massive public outcry.


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ROSWELL, GEORGIA — A woman was pulled over by two officers for speeding, and her fate was decided by a coin toss.

Three months ago, Sarah Webb was late for work, and rushing a bit too fast for police officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson. She was pulled over for speeding, as she was allegedly driving as fast as 80 miles per hour on wet pavement.

After checking her driver's license as well as her insurance details, Brown discussed with her colleague what they should do. Her first instinct was to arrest her on charges of reckless driving, but the police vehicle did not have a speed detector onboard, and the deputies could not decide whether to let Webb get away with a mere ticket or if she should be arrested.

To make up their minds, they decided to go a coin flip. Although it appears the coin toss went in Webb's favor, Wilson used a police code to suggest that she should still be kept under custody.

After footage of this incident was released, there was a massive public outcry. Members of the public have been speculating that the two officers may have used this coin toss tactic to determine the fates of other people as well.

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant said investigation has been launched, and the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. He also condemned their behavior in a statement.

Webb did not know that it was a coin flip that ultimately decided her fate until the television station that broadcast the incident contacted her directly. All charges against Webb were eventually dismissed.
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