Con who beat the pulp out of Subway Jared in prison tells us why

In a letter obtained by TMZ, Steve Nigg says that Jared Fogle was looked at “like a God” by the other child molesters at the penitentiary.


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LITTLETON, COLORADO — Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle got the pulp punched out of him by another prisoner, as he serves a 15-year sentence for sexually abusing minors and storing a trove of child pornography on his computer.

Now, that man has come forward with his explanation of why he attacked Fogle.

In a letter obtained by TMZ, Steve Nigg, 61, reveals that Fogle was looked at “like a God” by the other child molesters at the penitentiary. As a result, Fogle apparently carried himself as if he was royalty, and hired personal bodyguards to protect him on the grounds. But when Nigg cornered him in the yard on January 29, 2016, one of Fogle’s bodyguards stepped aside to let Nigg pulverize him.

The incident report states Jared suffered a bloody nose, scratches to the neck, and redness and swelling to his face. Nigg walked away with a small cut on his hand and an abrasion on his left knee from the concrete, but it also robbed him of the good credit he’d built up for a chance at early release. He says he spent many months in solitary confinement, and lost privileges such as commissary and email access. Still, he admits
he has no regrets, and claims he did it for Fogle’s victims and their families. Following the assault, Nigg was moved to a prison far away in Oklahoma, because he reportedly told prison officials if given the chance, he’d attack Fogle again for his hatred toward child molesters.

Nigg previously served 13 years of a 15-year sentence for robbing a motel clerk, a convenience store and a gas station at gunpoint. After being released in 1990, he was put back behind bars in 2011 for being in possession of a firearm with three previous convictions of a violent felony.

By most accounts from those who knew him after his first sentence was completed, Nigg was a decent man who was actively involved in his community, even teaching kids martial arts, and voluntarily dressing up like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny for annual holidays.
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