Chinese Warplanes Practice Cutting Taiwan off from US Help

China ups the pressure even more by invading Taiwan's airspace from three sides.


NSFW    TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Newsweek reports that China is increasing its pressure on Taiwan and the Biden administration with an aggressive new tactic.

Taiwan's military showed that, on 29 March, ten Chinese warplanes invaded Taiwanese airspace to the island's south and west, while Japan reports that another two Chinese planes cut through its southern airspace to skirt Taiwan's eastern airspace.

A Taiwanese official said that the move was designed to practice cutting Taiwan off from Japanese and American intervention if China carries through on its threats to invade Taiwan.

This latest incursion saw four Chinese J-16 fighters and four J-10 fighters entering Taiwan's air defense zone in the southeast, together with a KJ-500 control plane.

A Y-8 anti-submarine plane was also tracked flying all the way from the southeast to the southwest of the zone.

Japan also tracked two Chinese Y-9 planes, one of which turned to fly along the eastern border of Taiwan's air defense zone.
Chinese Warplanes Practice Cutting Taiwan off from US Help

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