Chinese 'rappers' come out in support of Hong Kong police

Chinese artists keeping it real—authoritarian.


NSFW    Police State

CHINA — Hip hop has always been music for the people. Unfortunately in China it's for the people—the People's Republic of China.

As millions of brave Hong Kongers continue to peacefully stand out against Chinese interference in their city, some rappers from China have come out in support of Beijing and police brutality.
According to Radii China, Chinese artists Higher Brothers, Melo and DZ Know all shared images of China's flag on their Instagram accounts.
Other sellouts, like "The Rap of China" champion PG One reposted a CCP propaganda People Daily's post reading "I support Hong Kong police, you can hit me" in Mandarin characters and "What a shame for Hong Kong" written in English underneath it.
Radii China reported, PG One wrote in a Weibo post, "support Hong Kong police, resist violent atrocities!!! I hope everyone is safe and secure."
Miss Vava, apparently another clown for "The Rap of China", posted on her Instagram with the captions "Hong Kong is part of China forever."
Another chump named After Journey also shared the post on IG with the caption "Compatriots, remember this day, remember this moment."
But it's good to see hip hop in China is keeping it real—real authoritarian.

However, maybe if these artists really love Beijing so much, they should stop using Instagram as it's blocked in China.
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