Chinese pilot lets woman into cockpit during flight to show off

And now he's grounded for life.


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GUILIN, CHINA — A super smooth Air Guilin pilot has been grounded for life after images took off showing a woman in the cockpit during one of his flights earlier this year.
According to the SCMP, the images lifted off over Chinese censored social media over the weekend.
According to a statement from the airline, the incident occurred on an Air Guilin flight on January 4 from Guilin to Yangzhou.
It's a mystery how the image made its way public, but it probably has nothing to do with the picture she posted over social media with the caption, "Thanks so much for the flight captain!! I'm really happy."
The SCMP reports the woman has been identified as Chen Yuying, a third-year student at Guilin Tourism University, who wants to be a flight attendant after graduation.
The plastic bimbo can be seen sitting in the pilot's seat posing for a picture—no doubt taken by the pilot.

Some Chinese netizens with flight experience said the snap appears to have been taken while the plane was in the air.
Unfortunately for Maverick, he was given the ejector seat by Air Guilin. Also for violating China's Civil Aviation Administration rules, he's been prohibited from every flying again.
Other crew members from the flight have been suspended indefinitely while an investigation is launched.
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