Chinese must pass facial-rec test to use internet or get smartphone

China puts all other nanny states to shame.


NSFW    Police State

BEIJING — Beijing is actually planning to get even more annoying and up in people's business by forcing all Chinese citizens to undergo a facial-recognition scan just to get the internet installed or to get a smartphone.
According to LifeSiteNews, the new nanny rules issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will go into effect on December 1.
The new super fun regulations are all part of China's ultra awesome social credit system.
First off, China doesn't even have the real internet, and now you're going to need a facial-rec scan to just get some third-rate INTRANET service?? That's cutting edge.
Winnie the Xi and his goons are also planning on forcing facial-recognition scans on its 850 million mobile phone users as well.
According to Quartz, after December 1, people applying for new mobile and data services will have to have their mugs scanned by telecom providers.
The Commies claim that these absurd new rules will help China's internet security and combat terrorism. Combat terrorism?? Yeah okay.

Perhaps Beijing should just start considering electronic dog collars for all 1.3 billion of its lucky citizens.
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