Chinese granny Spiderverses down high rise apartment

The 84-year-old woman with Alzheimer's climbed down 14 floors.


NSFW    Defying Death

CHENGDU, CHINA — An 84-year-old Chinese granny with Alzheimer's went straight Spiderverse when she climbed down a high-rise building from her apartment on the 14th floor.
According to the SCMP, Daredevil made it out onto the side of the building from her bathroom window.
According to property management workers, the old lady was forced to spidey her way down after her family locked her in the bathroom. That's one way to respect your elders.

As Spider-Gran came down, neighbors unfolded a bedsheet to try and catch her in case she fell.
Building workers unfortunately cut grandma's adventure short when they pulled her in from a 5th floor window.
She was given something to eat and some water, while she waited around for relatives to come get her.
Granny will hopefully live to scale another day as reports said she escaped the escapade injury free.
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