Chinese firefighters rescue man from jumping off a roof

The heartbroken man resisted and tried to leap off the roof, but firefighters and police exercised quick reflexes and grabbed him just in time.


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WENZHOU, CHINA — Firefighters in eastern China recently rescued a heartbroken man just in the nick of time to prevent him from making a fatal mistake.

According to Chinese media The Paper, on December 27th an unnamed man in Zhejiang province's Yueqing[c] city was seen alone on the rooftop of an apartment. After getting a call about the situation, city police and firefighters arrived at the scene and tried to talk the distraught man down. However, he resisted and decided he'd rather leap off instead. Luckily, the firefighters and police possessed some quick reflexes and grabbed the man's arm before he went too far over the edge.

After being pulled back to safety, the man reportedly held onto a firefighter and wept, and later embraced his parents when they rushed to the scene.

The man later told the media he was sorry for his foolishness, he had thought about how his parents would react if he had gone through with it. And if he didn't already feel bad enough, local police warned the man that he could be punished for disrupting the peace and for wasting public resources.
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