China tries to ban Taiwanese flag from Paris Gay Games

The French government has expressed concerns about the use of the Taiwanese flag.


NSFW    PARIS — China is seeking to ban the Taiwanese flag from the 2018 Paris gay games by pressuring the French Government.

The Communist party has lately forced international airlines and companies to change their website classifications of Taiwan. It also got the island's right to host the East Asian Youth Games revoked. And now, it has a new target to further isolate the self-ruled territory.

The Gay Games are a sporting and cultural event that seeks to promote sexual diversity. This year, it will be held in Paris from August 4th to August 12th. Around 10,000 athletes from nearly 90 countries are expected. The 28-person Taiwanese squad had first obtained the right to compete under the Taiwanese flag.

However the Federation of Gay Games appears to be coming under pressure from the French Government, which doesn't seem so keen on letting Taiwanese athletes display their national flag. According to Taiwanese gay right activist Chi Chia-wei, this can only mean one thing: that China directly protested to the French Government.

Taiwan News reports that Chi, who leads the Taiwanese delegation, said he would fight until the last moment for his right to use the national flag during the event. He added that it would be deceiving if an organization that promotes inclusive and progressive values eventually bowed to an oppressive dictatorship.
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