China's Orwellian social credit system to start by 2020

China is set to launch a social credit system in which the government will assign "personal trustworthiness points" to keep a close eye on its citizens.


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CHINA — The Chinese government has yet another trick up its sleeve to keep citizens on lock down.

According to Reuters, China is planning to launch a social credit system that will assign "personal trustworthiness points" as a means of monitoring citizens and businesses.

Trustworthy individuals will reportedly be provided with more access to society while individuals who are blacklisted will be severely restricted.

Credit history, contract obligation fulfillment, character traits, behavior, preferences, and interpersonal relationships will all be considered in calculating a credit score.

Data gathered by the system could impact an individual's access to public services and employment. It may also affect a citizen's ability to start a business. People with high trustworthy scores could be given easier market access.

Participation is currently not mandatory. Once it becomes required, however, people with low scores could be punished with slower internet speeds, denied travel, and access to certain restaurants, night clubs, golf courses.

Beijing plans to implement its social credit system by 2020.
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