China orders online gaming curfew for minors

Gamers under 18 were hit with the new curfew on Tuesday.


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BEIJING — Fun-loving Chinese officials have decided to drop the hammer on online video games for minors in an attempt to battle gaming addiction.
According to the BBC, the super fun restrictions were released on Tuesday by the CCP.
Gamers under 18 will now have a curfew. They'll be banned from playing online games between 10 p.m. at night until 8 a.m. in the morning.
The new rules say they will also be limited to 90 minutes of gaming during the week and three hours on weekends and holidays.
The BBC reports that the new guidelines also have restrictions on how much minors can spend.
Gaming aficionados between 8 to 16 years old can spend up to $29 dollars a month, while 16 to 18 year olds can blow up to 57 bucks on their gaming accounts.
According to NPR, Chinese officials will also require everyone to register accounts for online games using their real name and phone number, so it's easier for the government to track how much you're playing. Jesus—nanny much??
China is one of the world's biggest gaming markets. According to market research firm Niko Partners, digital gaming revenue in China will hit $33 billion in 2019.
Will these new rules actually help cut down on gaming addiction? Or will we suddenly see an increase in parents of these gamers suddenly registering for online games?
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