China bans exports of black clothing to Hong Kong

Because they think this will help stop the protests?


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HONG KONG — The brains up in Beijing have come up with an ingenious plan to quell the protests in Hong Kong—they're banning exports of black clothing.

For the last four months, anti-government protesters have taken to the streets in their black t-shirts, black jeans, black kicks, and black face masks.
According to the SCMP, courier companies in Guangdong province, which borders Hong Kong, have said they've been told to stop deliveries of black clothing and other attire worn by protesters.
According to a Guangdong courier company PHYBUY statement, Chinese customs sent out a long list of things that are now no-no's for Hong Kong.
"They include yellow helmets, yellow umbrellas, flags, flagpoles, poster banners, gloves,
masks, black T-shirts, metal rods, fluorescent tubes and bludgeon clubs."
And even longer list of banned items by Guangdong-based EXPRESS includes: foodstuffs, liquids, powder, gases, counterfeit brand products, big machines, helmets, umbrellas, wrist bands, towels, safety vests, speakers, amplifiers, trestles, walkie-talkies, drones, black shirts and other clothing, goggles, metal beads, metal balls, horticulture scissors, metal chains, torches, binoculars, and remote-controlled toys.
People mailing things also have to use their real names.
Here's a question though, what happens if the protesters start wearing a different color? Or the colors of the Chinese flag?
But anyways, banning black. Yeah, that should totally work.
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